Broadacre & Pasture

DJ’s work as part of the CRT network to provide pasture and broadacre farming agronomic advice and product supply.

CRT is Australia's largest independent supplier of on-farm advice for Australian farmers covering crops as diverse as pasture, wheat, barley and canola through to pulse crops.

The CRT group has more than 240 agronomists nationally who are able to provide valuable on-farm information – and DJ’s operates this service across locally in partnership with CRT.

Our agronomist David Oddie can help you from the simpliest soil test recommendation to the most complicated stock nutrition plan.

Andrew Tuck and Rohan Wenzel have a wealth of knowledge in all sectors of farming. They are both specialists in electric fencing. They can work on allsized jobs from small horse paddocks to full cattle grazing systems.

All of our staff work with our clients to give the best available agricultural advice covering whole farm plans and precision agriculture through to paddock recommendations to ensure stock, crops and pastures achieve maximum returns for the farmer.

Key Contacts:

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