DJ’s provide the following services; vineyard management, business and farming consulting, technical viticulture services and product supply.

We pride ourselves on working with your team to protect and develop your business by helping you grow grapes to the desired level as well as nurture winery relationships. Through precision farming, water management, vine nutrition, as well as pest and disease management, our goal is to safeguard the value of your produce, while optimising quality and/or yield.

With eight professional Viticultural Agronomists on the DJ’s team we bring the highest level of technical expertise to share with your operations. We are committed to profitable farming both in the short and long term and strive to drive business performance.

DJ’s work all across South Australia from our base in McLaren Vale and you can follow our activities on our Viticulture Blog.

Technical Services all year, season after season


  • Virus Testing
  • Bud Dissection
  • Canopy Management and Advice


  • Vineyard Monitoring
  • Tissue Testing (Leaf and Petiole)
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring


  • Vineyard Quality Assessment
  • Near Infrared photographic survey
  • Expert Opinion Reports
  • Vineyard Real Estate Appraisal


  • Soil Testing
  • Pest, disease, and disorder incidence and severity reports
  • Crop yield estimation
  • Tissue sampling (petioles or blades)
  • Fruit maturity sampling and baumé, pH and titratable acidity reports
  • Vine performance records: phenology, component of yield, and pruning weights
  • Bud dissection: inflorescence primordia counts, primary bud necrosis and mite identification

Key Contacts:

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