Agronomy, farm diagnostics & innovative products

Viticulture Services 

Technical Services all year, season after season, DJ's work with top grapegrowers and winemakers to protect and enhance the value of grapes and wine.

 Our technical services are headed by Matthew Wilson and DJ's Founders James Hook & Derek Cameron with agronomists Joe Siebert, Sam Freeman and Caleb Shaw.



  • Vineyard Pest & Disease Monitoring
    • Diseases
    • Pests
    • Beneficial Insects
  • Tissue Testing (Leaf and Petiole & Veraison)
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring


  • Crop yield estimation
  • Vineyard Quality Assessment & Pest, disease, and disorder incidence and severity reports
  • Near Infrared photographic survey (NDVI)
  • Drone services
  • Expert Opinion Reports
  • Spray Diary services
  • Water quality testing
  • Fruit maturity sampling and baumé, pH and titratable acidity reports

Autumn & Winter

  • Soil Testing
  • Virus Testing
  • Vine performance records: phenology, component of yield, and pruning weights
  • Bud dissection: inflorescence primordia counts, primary bud necrosis and mite identification
  • Vineyard Real Estate Appraisal

Strawberry Services 

Being based in both Woodside and McLaren Vale DJ’s is centrally located near South Australia’s key irrigation districts and the fertile high rainfall areas in the Adelaide Hills.

Sam Freeman heads our Strawberry production team. 

We offer monitoring services, benefical insects for IPM, Tissue Testing (Sap and Plant Tissue) and Soil Moisture Monitoring.


Potato Services

David Oddie is active across South Australia specializing in potato production.

DJ's are involved with all aspects of the potato crop: seed production, up-to-date use of chemical control methods, pests and diseases affecting the growing crop, and storage hygeine.


Orchard Services

Headed by our Adelaide Hills agronomists, Caleb Shaw & Sam Freeman, we use market leading technology to help analyse and manage your farm. We are pioneers in IPM insect management working with our partners at Bugs for Bugs and Drone Agriculture formally Aerobugs. We also operate our own drone UAV for orchard survey work. 

DJ's also uses a unique leaf and soil testing system that is tailor made for your orchard. We think you’ll be impressed with our unique approach and proven results.


Vegetable Services

DJ's Growers provides a comprehensive agronomy service, headed by Caleb Shaw & Sam Freeman, in an extensive range of outdoor and protected crops.

DJ's help with agronomy for herbs, asparagus and pumpkins through to vegetable brassicas and root crops.
We have drone services and are specialists in the emerging field of IPM technologies. DJ's are on hand to advise on production of a quality crop.


Pasture Services

David Oddie is active across South Australia specialising in pasture production for meat/dairy or domestic livestock.