Creating management zones

DJ's Growers are able to help you create targeted managment zones within your vineyard using satellite images to quantify variabilty within your block. Specifically, we can provide you with satellite NDVI imagery for the 2017-18 growing season.

Once ground-truthed, we can help you develop prescription maps for variable rate inputs such as fertiliser, compost, or mulch or help you to perform targeted testing and diagnosis for other limitations within the site.

DJ's Growers can help you save money by targeting inputs specifically where you need them this winter, and by reducing hotspots for disease in your vineyard through the spring/summer months.
We can also help you make more money from your fruit by improving uniformity and fruit quality, and in optimising harvest maturity within the block.

Please view the short video below (click image) or send us an email to learn more about how we can help grape growers in McLaren Vale this winter with imaging and mapping.